Ruben U. Tovar

I am a Ph.D. student working with Ronald Bonett (Bonett lab). My former thesis mainly focused on Pax6, and Shh expression during the development of two Eurycea species found in central Texas. The clade consists of a number of species exhibiting variable ocular morphologies and are ideal for investigating the evolution and molecular mechanisms responsible for subterranean phenotypes. My current research is an expansion of my thesis by the incorporation of RNA-seq. I received a Biology with Dr. Dana M. Garcia (Garcia lab), and continued research in Dr. Chris Nice (Nice lab) laboratory at Texas State University. HL_Photograph_Ruben U. Tovar

I received my B.S. from the University of Texas at Arlington, where I was advised by a number of faculty including Dr. Jonathan Campbell, Dr. Eric Smith, Dr. Paul Chippindale, and Dr. Andre Pires da Silva. My undergraduate research consisted of field work, sequence analysis, and behavior studies. These opportunities were enhanced by the graduate students associated with the above faculties labs, their guidance and patience was integral to my success as an undergraduate and I only hope to emulate their passion and work ethic.