Adult Ocular Histology

To better understand the ocular development of the south central Texas Eurycea and to provide a more holistic review I am describing adult ocular histology. Eurycea rathbuni is the only south central Texas Eurycea for which ocular histology has been described cropped-cropped-rathbani_eye1a_20x_8_14_13_noTD_01-copy-e1386621899865.jpg(Eigenmann, C. H. 1900). Given the paucity of descriptive histology among this Eurycea clade and its importance to my research agenda, I have begun to collect data on several features of the cranium focusing on ocular histology. I use a variety of techniques including, light microscopy differential interference contrast (DIC), confocal microscopy DIC & IHC, radio graphs, and external morphology.

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